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Know anything about these homeopathic ingredients?


My daughter has trouble focusing and this leads to trouble comprehending. My main question is this. I found a homeopathic treament online and want some opinions from people who are a little more schooled in homeopathic ingredients. The ingredients are:
                                      Hyoscymus (30c)
                                      Tuberculum (30c)
                                      Arsen Lod (30c)
                                      Verta Alb (30c)
The formula is called Bright Spark.
Any thoughts on this? I've included the website link for anyone who is interested as well.

Dr. Mercola ( mentions mineral deficiencies for things like this quite often -- I wanna say it's zinc?  But I'm not sure.  I'd go search on his site though!

Thank you Lots of interesting info!


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