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Re: Kombucha: Containers, Storage, Shipping & Supplies
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Meanwhile, SarahK, I'm going to feel horrid if I killed my SCOBY the first time out!!    :( 

HA!! It's just a slimy ole' tea loogie - I won't be offended!  Just let me know when/if you (or anybody else for that matter) need a new one and I will zip one out to you next time I harvest mine.

Sarah K

EDIT:  Check out the topic here Kombucha SCOBYs & Kefir Grains - Available/Wanted
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Re: Kombucha: Containers, Storage, Shipping & Supplies
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LOL  Tea loogie!  That is hilarious.  ;D I harvested yesterday (it's early, I know).  The bucha fizzed up nicely as I was putting it in ball jars, and there are bubbles around the top of the tea in the jars, so I'm hoping for good fizz.  My godson has been with us for two weeks and has been fascinated with "the mushroom in the jar", so we tasted a bit during transfer.  Absolutely great! It's kind of like fermented apple juice, with not too much bite.  I was hoping for a little sweetness so DH will like it, and it's there!  Now I can work my way up to herbal teas and longer brew times so we cut out caffeine and sugar :)

Was there ever a consensus on how long a SCOBY will live in the fridge?  I put mine (and the very beginnings of a baby, due to short brew time, I think) in a jar with about a cup of kombucha until I can get a new jar.  I don't want to leave it too long.  Is this the best way to store it?