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Father-n-law / health ??????
« on: May 30, 2006, 04:13:50 PM »

Today I was contacted by my 72yr old, father-in-laws doc. Stating that I needed to pick him up and take him to a va hospital,which is 2 1/2hrs. from my home b/c he is very anemic and had blood in his stool and they don't know how long it has been going on. So I called my husband and picked him up and headed our way to take his dad to the hospital.  At the ER, they got him prepped with needles in his arm ready for a I.V. and blood trans and done some scans. But has not administered nither and it's been 10hrs. since we picked him up at the doc. and got him to the hos.  The doctor at the office (not the hospital) said it was probably life threaten, but it seems no one as doing anything about it. Nor saying what it could be. 
    This all started about 2 months ago, they changed meds and gave new ones, he began to get weaker as each week passed by. He use to could walk a mile or two and do something outside, but all he does now is rest. Recently his ankles have began to swell and he has almost passed out a couple of times tilling the garden. He can barley walk 200ft without stopping to set down a min., and thats a rough est. between our houses. The meds he is on right now are:
benazepril,omeprazole,geipizide,metformin,simvastatin, and another that starts with hyp...., and I don't know the name of it. His doctor said it might be bleeding ulcers, if not that; something much worse. I don't know? Does any one have advice or a opinion they would like to share.
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Re: Father-n-law / health ??????
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2006, 04:22:38 PM »
CLICK HERE for my thoughts.
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Re: Father-n-law / health ??????
« Reply #2 on: June 06, 2006, 09:21:34 AM »
Cayenne Pepper is the fasted hemogloben booster I know of. I don't think it will fix anemia by itself, but it will begin the process very quickly (within hours), and if he does have bleeding ulcers, it may act as an astringent to stop the bleeding. If his stomach is sensistive to the pepper, he can take it in/with a buffer herb like slippery elm, and that should avoid any "warming sensation". Also, stinging nettles are very high in iron, so I would recomend caps or tea every day. Also, taking (or eating) vitamin C with iron increases absorbtion. Calcium (multi-vite, or dairy products) inhibit it's absorbtion, so avoid taking/eating these at the same time as iron suppliments. If it is bleeding ulcers, I would go off dairy products (they are acid forming in the stomach) at least until the problem is resolved. I get anemic when I'm pg, so I've looked into it, and these were the tips that helped me the most.
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Re: Update on Father-n-law and his health.
« Reply #3 on: June 09, 2006, 04:24:24 AM »
Yesterday we found out he has diverticulitis and also in the lining of his stomach the blood vessels are inflammed. The doc believes that the inflammed blood vessels are what is causing some of the bleeding. The doctors are going to be running some more tests today around 1:30, I don't know what they are or when we will find out anything. I was surprised to here he has dc b/c he drinks a fiber drink every day, but I suppose it not enough.
Last night we also found out that he has seroisis of the liver
(I think that is how you spell it?).
Well maybe he'll get to come home soon. Please pray for his soul.Thanks~C~
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