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I just  found your site so I'm joining this discussion at the tail end.  I have a rebounder and I love it.  My routine is to bounce gently for one minute, do a milder jump like jumping jacks or a twisty thing or whatevr I want to do for one minute, then run in place for one minute, then back to the gentle bounces and start the process again. I can do as many cycles as I want. Dr. Mercola like to do intervals with excercise so that is what gave me the idea.  It has really strengthened my bladder and helped out with the leaks, too.   If you know someone who is in really bad shape, have them sit in a chair next to the rebounder and put their feet on it while you lightly bounce.  It's supposed to help them just as if they were bouncing themselves.

I highly recommend rebounding!