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Vitamin/Mineral Supplements Recommendations
« on: March 09, 2007, 04:02:17 AM »
My husband and I took Seasilver a few years ago. I went online to order some more. What a surprise to see the multi-million dollar law suit against them by the FDA/ FCC for making fraudulent claims. ??? It is so frustrating to find good products. :(

Here is my question. What good liquid vitamin/mineral supplements can you recommend. I have a difficult time swallowing big tablets. Supermom was over the edge for me. My dh just finished the bottle this morning.
Now I would like to find something for the both of us. He can take tablets by the fist full, but I am not going to spend anymore money on supplements that I can't swallow.

Can jungle juice be used as a vit/min supplement or is it used more as a tonic for specific concerns?
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