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Re: Bed Wetting: Causes & Cures
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Check potatoes, too.   :o

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Re: Bed Wetting: Causes & Cures
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All of the above and sugar!
Worse yet...high fructose corn syrup or additives and preservatives. We can count on at least 5 days of uncontrollable dribbling and a soaked bed at ever nap/night even with a thick "diaper" if son #2 gets anything "processed". I have it eliminated down to those 3 factors. I can shorten the side effects with a  round of activated charcoal and bentonite clay along with a laxative/antispasmodic herbal mix to keep the first two from causing constipation.
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Re: Bed Wetting: Causes & Cures
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How many mg of calcium/magnesium supplement should I give to an average 11 yr. old and also for a teen to help with bedwetting?

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Re: Bed Wetting: Causes & Cures
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i haven't been on here for a while, but just wanted to give an update on my kiddos. they were both bedwetters (6 ds & 4 dd). i tried all the liquids, foods, mag/cal, even the ABC herbal, and nothing worked. i went to a homeopath and they no longer wet the bed. i learned how to used homeopathy and i'm not a tried and true fan. herbs are my first arsenal. but this worked. i have a homeopathic kit. belladonna worked for both of them and is working for their cousin. another cousin is using ferrum phos and that's helping him where belladonna didn't. hth!!!
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Re: Bed Wetting: Causes & Cures
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I wanted to update as well. I have been making the Herbal minerals out of the ABC herbal and bed wetting has mostly stopped. Especially for the one that wets at nap time. I ran out he started wetting at nap time again. I made more and he is dry again. So I think it is helping with him. 

The older one that started wetting the bed at an older age has spouts when he has accidents and then is fine at other times.