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Homeschool ? What would be a good book to teach health that leans toward herbs?


I would like to teach more than just the regular health books that I have been using.  Something in detail so that the kids and I can both learn.

natural: has a kit called Kidzerbs. It is a hands-on educational gift for kids 5-12 has 13 packets of seeds and a kidzherbs book with illustrations, and 13 row markers. THis is organic. It sells for 14.94 plus shipping. If I remember right the book tells about the 13 herbs received in thre kit. This may be of interest to you. You could just call them at 541-846-6704.

Let us know if you find anything else...what a great idea.

A good fun activity book for gardening vegetables and herbs is one called, Roots Shoots, Buckets and Boots by Sharon Lovejoy. It has all kinds of ideas for laying out fun gardens, teepees made with climbers, etc. Your library would probably have it or order it for you...I like to check the books there first before I invest in one...I invested in this one. :)

--Sister Sandra

We all enoy herbs together buy doing. We start our seeds together, plant the garden, & harvest together. The herb garden also has some tasty treats in it like various mints & lemon balm that the kids love to eat! Our rule is they have to know what they are picking. We look at the leaf shape, texture what does it smell like etc. We make our own capsules which the kids are great at and our own tinctures. The kids our a huge help. I have found they are excited about the things I am excited about. If we have any questions I have a large reference library for us look up. My 8yo daughter also love the herb lessons on the No Greater Joy website they have been putting out monthly. We print them out and put them in a folder for her. It is her own herb manual.

Hope that helps some!


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