Author Topic: Should I do a cleanse when I really dont know what is going on with my body?  (Read 3491 times)

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I have had stomach area and lower abdomen cramps for approx.  10 days.  At first I thought it was my ovaries (sharp pain on my left lower ovary area) but that was replaced in the middle of the night by diarrhea and cramping.  That last one day but the still have dull pain and rumbling in my stomach.  I have done the Master Cleanse twice, for 12 days each time. So I am VERY open to natural healing, my question is: Should I try a cleanse and what kind? I know I probably need a parasite cleanse (never had one, I am 43), but what else should IO try before breaking down and going to the Dr. I do not have insurance and what kind of Dr. would I go to? I do not want to hear the words TEST, TEST, TEST.  My mother was on 25 different meds before she passed away last year. I know I have Candida in the past, and my cholesterol was very high during my last pregnancy. I am also about 40 pounds overweight! I know the Lord has provided ways for healing and I want to go that route.  Another question. I live in a small town where there is very little to none in the way of natural health.  There is a chiropractor that does allergy testing by muscle resistance and skull alignment.  Is this on the up and up?
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Fasting shouldn't hurt you as long as you don't overdo it.  Not only does it cleanse toxins, but it gives your body time to heal it's wounds.  When you are digesting food, your body has less resources available for healing.  When all you have to digest is liquids, your body can send many extra resources to places needed for wellness.
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I have been muscle tested in the past, but personally wouldnt do it anymore.... too many shady areas.      but then that is just my personal opinion/conviction, whatever........... :)