Author Topic: Breast feeding and Master Cleanse?  (Read 8773 times)

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Breast feeding and Master Cleanse?
« on: April 26, 2006, 05:37:34 AM »
I just found this forum this morning, I think you all might be able to help me.  I am a mom of six (last three babies in last three years), and have struggled getting my body back.  Have thought I have eaten fairly healthy, but want to do even better.  I went last week to a recommended chiropractor/holistic dr to get some help (have some chronic back pain) She did a Bio feedback type test and xrays, and came up with the results that I need a detox of sorts for my liver to start, and then she would address other areas after retesting after I did the detox.  She uses a powder formula, and it would cost me around $80 for one month.  The thing is...I am currently breastfeeding my 10 mo old, and so she decided to do a modified plan, using 1/2 dose.  My question is, after reading all about the Master Cleanse, can I do this while breastfeeding, or is it not recommended?  ??? Any help at all would be so appreciated.  I have a feeling I might be able to  get the desired results with the Master Cleanse at a fraction of the cost!  Thanks in advance.  Colleen

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Re: Breast feeding and Master Cleanse?
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2006, 07:20:15 AM »
I also have looked into doing the Master Cleanse while breast feeding...I can tell you that it is not recommended, (milk is too toxic I guess).  The only alternative would be to pump your milk and build up a supply for about a 2 1/2 weeks (10 days for the cleanse and then some additional days for while you are coming off the cleanse and getting to eating normally again).  You'd need to continue pumping while on the cleanse, (to keep up supply and just discard pumped milk). 

I'm a huge fan of the Master Cleanse after seeing the change in my husband.  He's currently on day 8 of the cleanse.  I really want to do it as well but I'm due in 1 1/2 months so my only option would be to do the pumping routine after our baby is born.  But then I have a concern of getting our boy "hooked" on bottle feeding and I that I'd have to pump for the rest of the time, (happened with our first child).

I know there are other options for cleansing...maybe they'd be more suitable for you if you have hesitations about pumping so much.  There is a wealth of info here on other options...
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Re: Breast feeding and Master Cleanse?
« Reply #2 on: April 26, 2006, 05:40:05 PM »
hi gals.  swannymomma--personally i wouldn't feel comfortable doing something like that while breastfeeding.  depending on the age of your baby, Primal Defense by Garden of Life is an excellent probiotic which will detox you.  i am currently breastfeeding and have had much the same situation as you.  my digestion was such a mess and body depleted from all the pregnancies and BF.  you will probably want to use the powder (very tiny scoop and easy to dissolve) and start with just a tiny bit, like maybe 1/8 of a scoop.  stay with that amount for a week or more and watch your baby for signs of detox (stinky stools, fussiness, extra spitting up or vomiting).  then increase your amount just a tiny bit more for another week.  continue to do this adding a bit each week.  any time you notice something with your little one back off.  this is what i have done and so far am still under a whole scoop but plan to go with the whole usage schedule when done breastfeeding.  (my little one is 10 mo. also!) this will not cost you near what your dr.'s plan would.  another thing i have done is went to my local chiropractor and had weekly accupuncture which helped a lot.  my ins. doesn't really cover it, but something about the way the billed it, it was covered!  i did that for several months, but it is different for everyone.  it doesn't hurt much and is even relaxing.  i always felt refreshed afterwards.  i have found that the PD caplets do not break down as easily for me, the powder is more readily used.  and you can start with much less also (one scoop=one caplet) 

Julie--i believe it's ok to begin with Primal defense when pregnant and much easier than when nursing.

i have also used it mixed a bit with applesauce for my kids to boost immunity and better their digestion.  (it's dark green and makes their applesauce fun!) ::)

there is a practitioner locator on the Garden of Life website where i found an excellent Dr.  i called him several times over a six month period and of course he was busy but always returned my call, on his dime.  my hubby didn't want me to go there (a five hour drive) as we had already done that and gotten burned in a way.  so i followed this dr.s' advice which led to the accupuncture.  you might be able to find someone in your state who knows about the primal defense.  i'd be glad to help in any way i can. 
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