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Re: Vanilla Beans
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I don't see where anyone has tried vanilla glycerite. I have, and it works great! I scoop the seeds out of my beans and cut the pods into 1" pieces. I put them in the bottom of a mason jar to about 1" from the bottom and pour a tablespoon or two of boiling water over them, let them sit for a bit, then add glycerin to an inch or two from the top. I then screw the lid on tight and put on a cloth in the crock pot. Fill the crock pot with water and put on lowest setting for 2-5 days - depends on how hot your crock pot gets. The glycerine should turn dark, but take it out before it starts smelling burnt. It seems like it is not quite as strong as alcohol vanilla extract, but that might be because it is sweet and does not have the added zap from the alcohol. Regardless it is delicious! The same method works for a delicious peppermint extract - fill the jar 1/2 full of dried peppermint leaves, pour a little boiling water over, and proceed the same as above.
i'm pretty sure noone has mentioned this before.  thanks for sharing.

have you ever tried this with coffee?

No, I have not. Sounds yummy!

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Re: Vanilla Beans
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Has anyone ordered vanilla beans recently? I'm looking for sources! Thanks!
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