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Re: Dimethyl Sulfoxide -- DMSO
« Reply #90 on: November 04, 2008, 11:47:03 AM »
I was hoping to get Dad using DMSO on his tumor pain sites but he is not interested.  My research indicates that it would be helpful with at least the pain in those sites for him.

If I was under similar circumstances, I would recommend DMSO topically for the pain.

If the 90/10 is too strong (intensely itchy or irritating), you could consider applying aloe to the skin first.  I have only read of this at one or 2 sites and it was only with aloe - not with any other lotion.  The reason I can think of is that the DMSO will carry anything it can in with it beyond the skin barrier.  Aloe would be fine in there, in my opinion, since it is the thing DMSO is often diluted with anyway.  Jergen's hand lotion would not.

DMSO is not a thing to be played with.  Use caution.  If I suspected a normally healthy person would just slather it all over thinking "some is good & more is better", I would not recommend DMSO (or many other things like tinctures, etc).  In a case like my Dad, the cancer is going to kill him.  If things remain unchanged, he will die as a result of the tumors or the treatments for the tumors.  A regular dosing of DMSO would not be his greatest damaging factor in his case.

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Re: Dimethyl Sulfoxide -- DMSO
« Reply #91 on: March 17, 2010, 08:54:48 AM »
I ordered some DMSO to try and heal my back.  I have chronic lower back pain that I take prescription pain pills for every day an no tests, x-rays, etc. have been able to discover what the problem is.  Its been this way every since I had a c-section with my DD.  My theory is that they messed up my epidural, but I don't have any proof for that.

Anyway, the DMSO that I ordered is Nature's Gift, 90% DMSO 10% water, but its not in a roll on bottle.  Just a regular bottle with a cap.  For those of you that have used this type, what did you use for an applicator? 

Also, has anyone tried using this for acne?  I've always had trouble with my skin due to a bad diet (until recently) and am doing cleanses and detox programs, but am wondering if DMSO would help heal the old scar tissue etc. that is already there.  Anyone tried it for this?  What were your results?  How often did you apply, and what type of cleaner did you use on your face before applying?
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Re: Dimethyl Sulfoxide -- DMSO
« Reply #92 on: March 17, 2010, 10:13:16 AM »
RR - I had this kind and just used those round cotton type pads to apply it.  Didn't seem to have any trouble.  I haven't used it on my face so can't help there.

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