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« on: November 29, 2006, 01:08:26 PM »
Hey everyone

I'm interested in hearing opinions on Biofeedback. It has been brought up by several doctors, but they haven't really been able to give me a clear description. I've search the internet, some sites have detailed info and some are vague. Am I wrong in thinking it is more of a therapy (mind) than a physical therapy session?

One Biofeedback Specialist said she had a machine that could detect over 800 known allergies and stressors. She seemed to be more of an adviser for nutrition and life style changes. She mentioned things that are discussed here- cutting out or down on sugar, getting the proper amount of vitamins, watch for allergies. She also said this machine, that was noninvasive, could tell if you had nutritional deficiencies so she could recommend vitamins. or foods to avoids. In her opinion the body will fail to heal from injuries or surgeries if you have these deficencies or allergies that go unaddressed.

I just what to know if anyone has done this before, and if it is worth the cost. But, most importantly would this be something that would be acceptable for Christians to get involved in.

Thank you all so much

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Re: Biofeedback
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My mom owns a massage business and has someone that comes in to do this.  She claims that this guy uses it to not only diagnose but rid your body of diseases.  She said he can kill parisites, cure arthirits, ets.  Sounds kind of cooky to me.  the diagnosing might be OK, but I dont see how a computer can cure you.  I will ask if she has any web sites that have info on this.

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Re: Biofeedback
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The general studies I've done of it (it was recommended for my bladder) is that it is borderline on the psychological side at best.  My husband and I opted not to go that route.  Just too many red flags. 

For I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I've committed unto him against that day.

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Re: Biofeedback
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Thanks so much for the responses!

I felt it was more psychological too, thats why I asked. Sometimes I get a weird feeling and completely discount the idea without hearing it through, so I decided to ask on here to see what others thought.

I don't think that the machine actually does the "curing", thats where the nutritional advice and life style coaching comes in. If this machine decided that you have a vitamin deficiency, then the biofeedback specialist recommends the vitamin as well as nutritional changes. I'm just not convinced that this machine can determine through my body's "energy" that I am deficient in vitamins. I also don't trust someone that has a 4 or 5 week crash course on how to use the machine can properly diagnose me.

Thanks Again!!! ;D