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If you were told you had cancer, what treatment would you use?

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i recently went to an Amish doctor and was told that I have something on my breast.  I knew I had pain off and on so I wasn't surprised, but now I am going through alot of stress deciding what to do if it is cancer.  Before I can be seen by an oncologist, they want me to have a series of tests.  Mamagram, ultrasound, biopsy. We have no insurance, as we work from our home.  I don't think I would ever do chemo or radiation, but am interested in knowing your choice of treatment.  The Amish doctor is an iridologist,( looks in your eyes ) and by the way was right on everything I was feeling.  in several areas of my body.  Thoughts please?

My choice of treatment for myself personally would be the Incurables Program by Richard Schulze.  There are so many links and places to go, I would start my research here:

Praying for you,

There are several threads already started that discuss cancer, including breast cancer.  Try the search tool.

I would also recommend "Black Ointment" by Nature Sunshine.
My grandfather had a tumor surrounding a major artery on the neck to the brain.  He rubbered the ointment on, infrequently from what I was told, and today, he is still alive and the tumor is significantly shrunk.  Not even noticeable, I am reluctant to say gone, as I do not know what the doctors have said.  I don't know if this was an exception to what others have experienced. But last year he was suppose to live 6 months, and the family had started the "when the time comes" plans.  From the looks of things, they don't need the plans for a while to come.

My heart goes out to you.

I have given this some thought as I have watched several friends fight cancer recently. Currently a friends 22 yr old son is in his final weeks. So THEY say- God can always change that! Anyway, I believe I would agressively pursue surgery but not chemical cures. As in; I would have it cut out or off immediately but I do not think I would do chemo. This is a difficult thought process because it is in the Lord's hands no matter what we do, so do we do nothing or do we continue to fight in our own power? I'm sorry I'm not much help but this has been on my mind alot. Whatever you decide, remember that The Lord is in complete control. Jeremiah 29:11 says "For I know the thoughts I think of you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end." I will pray for you.


This is a Christian lady's homesteading blog. Her husband has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer (which is usually fatal), and they have decided to use alternitive health treatments. It's worth going through her archives to read about how much his health improved as soon as he began therapy.


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