Author Topic: Back pain/ rib maybe?  (Read 1353 times)

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Back pain/ rib maybe?
« on: November 28, 2006, 05:48:20 AM »
My husband has pain regularly just below his shoulder blade on his left side.  I believe it is a rib that keeps goign out of place. When he hurts, i rub his back and I can feel the rib out farther.  Last night I pressed on it which seemed to pop it back in mosto f the way and it took away a lot of pain but come this morning, its hurting him again.

He has had problems with the same rib/ area for about 2 years now.  He doesn't have health insurance so X Rays are out of teh question. What can I put on the area for him to help the muscles relax when they are tense? What can I do for the pain? and does anyone know.. What is his problem??  He doesn't recall doing anything to the area... he didn't hurt it.. and when the pain comes back, he cannot think of any actions that might have caused it.

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Re: Back pain/ rib maybe?
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2006, 07:33:10 PM »
I just had this happen to me a few weeks ago.  I don't know how it happened, but I went to the chiropractor last week and she put it back in.  Tremendous relief.  It only cost $25.  Most chiro's are much cheaper than docs if you can find a good one (I don't like many of them myself).  Anyway, I'm also taking cod liver oil and considering some MSM (hubby is taking for his rib as well).  Natural pain killers include cherries, pinapple and papaya.
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Re: Back pain/ rib maybe?
« Reply #2 on: November 29, 2006, 03:35:07 AM »
It sounds like the ligaments and muscles that hold the rib in place have loosened. Because of this, it wouldn't take a lot of movement or jarring to get things back out of place. The damaged soft tissue is giving at the slightest encouragement because it has been stretched out of place.

In situations like this, I would look for ways to stabalize the area (in its proper position) so that the soft tissue could heal back into it's normal place, apply alternating heat and cold when the area is hurting and look for foods that will promote joint health.

When looking at a rib, this gets a bit more tricky, because wrapping the area may limit his movement. If you find that it is out of place upon waking, then you may find that he will only need a wrap at night. I'd also look into getting him some firm mattress support. Sometimes, sleeping on the floor can help.

You can use the search engine on this site to find a discussion on Joint Healing Broth. You may want to consider using DMSO -- it is a plant derivative and penetrates to help heal the area to which it is applied on a cellular level. I've used it and find that it can be helpful when used judiciously. You can also do a search to see discussions on DMSO. This product will also help to lessen inflamation.

IMO not having insurance in this instance may be a benefit to you because, honestly, all a regular doctor can do is tell you to apply a heat/cold pack and take muscle relacants/pain relievers which only mask the problem.

HTH. Let us know how he comes along.
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