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Too much water?
« on: November 03, 2006, 01:34:00 PM »
I was speaking with a midwife (no, I'm not pregant) and mentioned that I drink about 2 gallons of water a day. She said that is too much water to drink for a pregnant woman. Is that true? ??? I asked her how much she thought  a pregnant woman should drink and she said 8 glasses of 8 oz.  Any thoughts?

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Re: Too much water?
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2006, 03:19:29 PM »
I was speaking with a midwife (no, I'm not pregnant) and mentioned that I drink about 2 gallons of water a day.

 :o  Is this a real estimated amount?!  That is a lot of water!!  ;)  How do you drink it?  Out of water bottles or just keep filling a glass? That part isn't really important, but I am wondering how anyone can find that much time to drink.  I am always forgetting or don't have enough time in the day to get some water.  I am not sure if that much is really that healthy all the time, perhaps, it depletes your body of minerals and such.  It may be okay every once in awhile doing a flush or a fast, but does seem like a lot.

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Re: Too much water?
« Reply #2 on: November 03, 2006, 03:46:04 PM »
We were driving my husband's grandmother (age 87 at the time) on a road trip when we stopped for some lunch.  I got a glass of water.  I drank it all and asked for another.  Grandma warned, "Listen, why don't you wait until later?  Everything in moderation.  You know too much water will kill you."  My husband and I laughed.

Well after vacation was over we took Grandma back to my husband's Aunt's house (where Grandma lives).  Aunt Marcia asked how we had faired and I shared a week's worth of "Grandma" stories, including the whole "Water will kill you."  Aunt Marcia proceeded to bring me a newspaper article that Grandma had read just before we left for vacation.  The article was about an Olympic athlete that was training here who had died from drinking too much water.

And it was just that.  They listed the cause of death as mineral depletion from drinking too much water.  She was just trying to stay hydrated as she was a pro athlete working her body to the max.  They said you really do need to replace with Gatorade or something.  So I guess even too much water is bad.

I wonder how much water she was drinking?!  I know the more I drink the thirstier I am.
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Re: Too much water?
« Reply #3 on: November 03, 2006, 03:47:58 PM »
I have read that plain water is not particularly a good idea to drink too much of.  Some good things to drink are raw milk, water with unrefined celtic sea salt, and fermented beverages.  For recipes of fermented beverages you can look in Sally Fallon's book Nourishing Traditions.

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Re: Too much water?
« Reply #4 on: November 03, 2006, 05:15:01 PM »
My midwife said 1/2 your weight in oz. plus 32 oz for baby. I drank a gallon a day when I was preg. didn't know about the water cure at the time so no salt.  Then after baby I kept up the gallon for awhile.  Now I am b/t 2 and 3 qts of the cure salt water.


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Re: Too much water?
« Reply #5 on: November 03, 2006, 06:12:01 PM »
Yes you can drink too much water. Distance athletes run into problems with a condition called hyponaturemia which means that they become too saturated and it upsets the electrolyte imbalance. And yes you can die from it.

The 8 x 8 glasses is such dogmatic nonsence (for give my hostility). I often wonder where that even came from! Last time I looked the avg female body wight was 155lbs; males was 190lbs or so. Without knowing your size, environment, diet, etc how can anyone tell you how much water to drink???

Female 1: Sedentary, CRAP diet, drinks 4 cups of coffee, lives in the desert....weight=170lbs.
Female 2: Pregnant, active, whole food diet, no diuretics, lives in the Everglades...weight=170lbs.

Who needs more water??

An excellent resource is Your Bodies Many Cries for Water. In that book, Dr B recommends a daily intake if half your bodyweight in oz of PURE WATER per day. Not milk. Not juice. Definitely not Diet Coke! ;)

I personally drink about 2-3 2.2L bottles per day...which equates to ~150 oz per day or about 3/4ths my bodyweight per day (200lbs). I am a lot of water...and prefer to keep it that way. :)

A hydrated human body can be as high as 75% water. A newborn baby is like 85% water. Dr. Emoto says that once the percentage of water drops to 50%, you die. Muscle tissue is about 72%, so if you are dehydrated and eat a processed salt diet with nitrates and other toxic chemicals that act to retain fluid in interstitial and fat tissues (ie not in muslce tissue) you can be VERY dehydrated, yet still drink "plenty of water" accoding to the 8x8 guidelines. That water cannot go anywhere but out through the kidneys because the two oceans (the one outside the cell and the one inside the cell) are not balanced. Therefore, being properly hydrated and drinking enough water are NOT the same.

Watch the color, frequency and amount of your urine. If you pee 3 times per day and it looks like Gatoraide, then you need to increase your PURE WATER only intake to help balance those oceans. If you pee every 30 minutes and your urine is as clear as water, you obviously need to decrease that amount. Ideally, your urine has a 'normal' odor and is sort of straw colored.

If you are having trouble determining the right amount to drink, see your health care professional or someone who can analyze your urine specific gravity. That will tell you what is going on with your system....specifically your level of hydration and relative kidney function.

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Re: Too much water?
« Reply #7 on: November 07, 2006, 05:56:33 PM »

a nurse and herbalist once told me that we should drink half our body weight of water in onces.

for example is ones weighs 100 pounds they should drink 50 onces of water a day according to her.

i dunno how much is enough but i do know from  having worked in a nursing home that you CAN drink to much water and it can kill you. but it seems to be very hard to do.

 a lady i took care of at the nursing home suddenly became confused and very disoriented. she was normaly very alert and bright. she got dizzy,  crazy and was falling. the doctors found out her eletrolyte levels were off due to her drinking to much water.