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GOOT - Garlic Oil Ointment [Treatment]

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Found it:)

Can someone help with the recipe for Goot? Every time I click on it I get an error page. I know the ingredients just not the instructions. Thanks

I'm not too precise but the ratio is 2 parts oil (of you choice, coconut makes a salve, olive would just make it an oil) to one part chopped garlic (fresh). I make mine fresh every time as it is WAY more potent. I just use one clove (chop it pretty small but you don't have to be too picky) and mix with warm (about like a hot bath 105ish), not hot, oil. Hot will cook it. Let it set for 5-15 minutes testing strength often. I taste a tad and when it has a garlic flavor its ready and I slather it on. If it is at all tingly when you taste it is too strong and may burn the skin. Simply dilute with a little more oil. Hubby always has me taste it because he likes fire food and says its not too hot (meaning spicy) until its like lava. Hope this helps. Remember TASTE test it to prevent burns.


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