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I did not.

I would suspect that this could be the cause. It would also explain why children seem more sensitive to this reaction than adults. Children don't need as much of a chemical, herb, or whatever to get a reaction. My guess is that there were pesticides, chemicals, and/or synthetic fertilizers used in the soil the cloves were grown in.

At least, that's my guess until someone pops up and says they used organic cloves and had the same reaction  ::).

Sorry to blow your new theory SC, but I don't use organic garlic either and I have had no burning problems.  I didn't even strain the garlic like the directions said...even rubbed it on open sores on my dd legs and she didn't have any burning.  Out of anyone, she would be the most sensitive as she skin issues all the time.

Queentea, your example doesn't COMPLETELY blow my theory, although it does give me pause.

Just because something isn't organic, doesn't mean that it is necessarily full of pesticides and/or chemicals. Non-organic just means that there is no way to certify that the product hasn't been exposed to these things. So, it is possible that you benefited from a nice batch of non-organic garlic -- which is a good thing. I'm trying to figure out (with the help of all of you) what the variable is in those couple of instances where we got reports of a batch of goot which burned.

It also just occurred to me that if mama applied the goot right after having made the batch. There is another possibility. If the person who made the goot didn't wash hands before applying the ointment to an irritated part of the skin, straight garlic oil (from when it was minced) would have still been on her fingers and been transfered to the irritated skin. THAT would hurt.

The GOOT is great, SC! Thanks for the link!

I wonder if some of us are just more sensitive to garlic? Like some people have more trouble eating spicy food. I eat lots of raw garlic and even chew it up raw sometimes when I'm sick. It's never bothered me before. My kids have never been burned from a poultice and the GOOT doesn't even make the skin pink or anything. I like spicy food and can eat it when I'm pregnant or nursing. My kids are even getting used to spicy food.  8)

I will say, though, that my garlic is not the freshest garlic ever. I bought a big 3 pound bag from Costco and after I finished that up I bought a bunch more bulbs from WalMart. I don't want to run out!

I mentioned this on another thread - but the garlic you strain out of the GOOT is easy to turn into pesto if you put it back in the blender with some fresh herbs!


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