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GOOT - Garlic Oil Ointment [Treatment]

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I was making up a batch of Goot today (with dried plantain mixed in) and pondering the couple of reports I've seen of a Goot application burning very irritated skin.  :-\ So far, everyone seems to think it may be the severity of the irritation that is causing the discomfort, but I have one other guess.

The recipe calles for 3 tablespoons of MINCED garlic cloves. For me, this takes anywhere from 6 to 7 plump cloves. While I was chopping the cloves, it occurred to me that some of you may be using a kitchen gadget called a garlic press instead of mincing the cloves. If this is the case, it will take quite a few more cloves of garlic to get 3 tablespoons worth of garlic as it compresses the material.

That would explain the burning sensation that someone might feel during the application of this batch of Goot as the ratio of garlic to oil is much greater than in the actual recipe.

If you haven't been doing so, mincing the garlic by hand is your best bet. In addition you'll reap all sorts of benefits by taking the time to mince your own cloves as the garlic will penetrate the skin of your hands and give your own bloodstream a healthful dose. Thought I'd pass this along.

What's Goot?

Sorry, Goot is a garlic oil ointment that uses 3 tablespoons of coconut oil, 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and 3 tablespoons of finely chopped garlic. For more information on how it is made and it's uses, click here. It is antibiotic, antifungal and antimicrobial. In addition, it can penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream by topical application and is safe to use on sensitive areas.

I have just started trying goot and LOVE it!  I had three kids come down with sore throats all in a row and it wiped it out in two days for two kids and one day for the other.  I did the goot on the feet a.m. p.m. and also rubbed in on the outside of their throats a few times also.  I did also give immune booster, vit C and odorless garlic capsules (only two could take those).  But I must say that I believe it was the goot that did the trick as I have done the other things and have never been able to get rid of it that quickly.  The only draw back is that our house smelled like an Italian resteraunt for several days making me hungry for garlic bread!

I also found a use for the "left over" at the end of the two weeks when you are supposed to make more.  My dd was making eggplant Parmesan and she stuck the rest of the goot in with the olive oil to saute the eggplant in.  (thankfully I wiped my fingers before sticking them back in the jar after rubbing on feet! :P/).  Anyway, I don't know if we reaped any health benefits, but it sure tasted good!! 

Oh, I also stirred in some GSE into the goot when I made it.

Thanks SC for turning me on to the smelly stuff, won't be without it!! :D!

I also rubbed it on my dd legs as she had literally tore up her legs from scratching at poison ivy.  Some of the open wounds were looking like they were getting infected and it cleared it up nicely.  She didn't complain of it burning, but I also mince my garlic. (actually I cheat and use a PC chopper).  It did leave grease stains on the sheets, but it was better than an infection!!

I highly reccomend the goot and it is so easy and pretty cheap!

Thanks SC!  i love it too!!   ;D 

i believe i smashed mine in a press, and have no complaints of burning.  have tried it on myself just a bit, but mostly used it on the dog so far.  will chop it next time though.  i didn't strain it out, cuz it was much to thick to strain. 


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