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Plantain: When, Why & How to Use

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Hope someone can help. I recently read about making a plantain salve with lard. I can't find it now. I searched this site, looked through magazine.

You bursed the plantain leaves, melted lard over them over low heat till it was green, does this sound right?

Check out this link...I believe that there are some instructions:,2695.0.html

Try one of these.

My 2 yo son fell backwards and whacked his head and the back of his ear off the coffee table about a week ago.  I could tell by the thunk, that it was gonna be a bad one and sent hubby to get ice before I even picked him up.  A bump appeared within seconds about the size of a golf ball.  I put the ice pack on and tried to comfort him and then I noticed his ear was cut very badly, bleeding and almost black from the bruising.  So, I left him with hubby with ice and a cool cloth and wandered around my kitchen trying to remember what to do...duh...

I didn't really think chewing on plantain was the way I wanted to go, so I took some dried plantain that I ordered from bulkherbstore and made a very strong tea.  Then, without straining, I threw in some ice cubes to cool it down and took wash clothes dipped in the tea and herb and held them on my son's head for almost an hour, rotating the cloths with fresh tea every 15 minutes or so. 

I was amazed (and so was hubby).  The bleeding had stopped.  The black and purple from the ear had faded to red.  The swelling around the cut had gone almost completely and the bump on his head had reduced to the size of about a nickle (managable). 

Then I put some miracle skin salve on the cut and the scrape on the bump, covered it with a med pad and wrapped his head (too funny) like a head trauma victim to keep the patch in place while he was sleeping.  The next morning, he was very happy with minor tenderness to report and the second day, the tenderness was negligable. 

No stitches and no trip to the ER.  What a relief and what a miracle plantain is.

Just wanted to share a personal success with this stuff - It's great!


I have seen Plantain mentioned before. What are the different uses? Where do you get fresh. If outside, how do I know I got the right thing? Why do you want fresh? Oh, this is so interesting.


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