Author Topic: Seizures and Thyroid function  (Read 2456 times)

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Seizures and Thyroid function
« on: January 15, 2015, 09:27:58 AM »
I have been struggling with seizures for the past five years. I am 25 now, married and getting ready to start having children. I have not had a seizure in a whole year, and sadly experienced one this morning.
While talking to a friend, I started thinking about how my thyroid function could be causing these episodes. My diet is extremely strict and I have been a vegan for a couple years now. There are things that make my think my thyroid isn't functioning properly and I haven't really thought about it till now.

I tire very easily, and rarely stay up late. The last time I stayed up past midnight, I wound up almost having a seizure, but thankfully was able to prevent it. I get extremely hungry if I don't eat every few hours, and really grumpy if my meals are delayed. I gain weight easily, even with my incredible diet, which seems odd to me. MY mother also has troubles with her thyroid, so I'm very keen on figuring out if helping this will help my epilepsy problems.

So any suggestions on healing my thyroid, boosting its function, and figuring out if this will help me....would be greatly appreciated!
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