Author Topic: 9 years old-ibs diagnosis, just started SCD,caught a cold, feeling awful  (Read 3146 times)

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My question is this.  My sister's child has a cold.  But they just recently got a diagnosis of ibs for her (She's 9).  They started her on the SCD intro diet and she got the cold.  She feels terrible.  I think she is probably suffering from die off from the SCD diet and cold symptoms at the same time.  She is getting weak from the very limited intro diet and the cold.  She has been having stomach pain and nausea for months.  (it started with a regular stomach virus.) She has run the gamut of tests, and they said all they found was that her colon was slightly stretched out from being so constipated at one point.  She has been on anti nausea medication, and a laxative.  They prescribed her pamelor once she got the ibs diagnosis, but her mom decided to try out the SCD diet first.  She is feeling so bad now though, that last night she said she didn't think she could do the diet.  (But I think half of that is the cold on top of the gastro issues.)  Her mom asked her what she would like to eat this morning and she said honeycombs cereal (corn and sugar), which obviously wouldn't be SCD legal.  What do you suggest?  They were on the intro diet (grape jello, chicken and broth, applesauce).  They obviously can't tell yet if the diet is helping because she is weakening and has nausea (which I think part of is hunger.).  Nausea has been her main complaint for a good number of months.  I feel like she needs food.  Any ideas/opinions?

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Re: 9 years old-ibs diagnosis, just started SCD,caught a cold, feeling awful
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Well, I guess it all depends on whether or not your sister wants to try healing the child using natural healing methods and products first of all.  Usually people need to make a distinct decision to use their MD or find a natural doctor, as they are not totally compatible.  I know that, for a lot of people that I know, a good chiropractor was their first step into natural methods.

I don't know what SCD is, but I do think that diet should be restricted to healing whole foods.  Lots of good homemade broths from bones, preferably organic pastured meats, good veggies, limited fruits and dairy.  I usually add brown rice to broths, as it cleanses and soothes stomach & intestinal tract.
I've used both Dr. Schulze's Intestinal cleanse protocol as well as Bulk Herb Store's Detox Plus and found them to be great for eliminating yeast and healing the gut.  I followed up a cleanse with a good probiotic formula. 
Whatever she is using, sugar should be avoided.  If constipation is or ever has been an issue then be certain that plenty of water or weak herbal tea is consumed and avoid constipation.

You can google search this site by entering welltellme > 'your search topic' in your computer search.  If you search Dr. Schulze, intestinal cleanse, or IBS you will find a lot of good information on this site.
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