Author Topic: Dystonia or Lyme Disease Anyone?  (Read 2705 times)

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Dystonia or Lyme Disease Anyone?
« on: September 09, 2013, 11:52:43 AM »
Hello Ladies!

   I've been absent for awhile because of great battles with Dystonia, (neurological disorder,)  heavy metal poisoning, (from improperly amalgam fillings,), lead, barium,& aluminum from chemtrails spraying here in NJ. I  used to be on the DYSTONIA NING forum, but they disbanded. I'm desperate to see if anyone who has oromandibular spasms has found any relief from the constant grinding and chomping. My tongue is  covered with bite marks from where the teeth chomped down. My top molar has slammed the bottom molar into the gum & It's been uinflamed. The dentist says the tooth is cracked & I may have to get a crown. I haven't been able to chew food on the left side, so the right jaw is doing ALL the work. The pain is beyond belief and I wonder if their is ANY person on earth suffering strange a mysterious condition!!! There are a few victims of various types of dystonia, but none as bad as me.

Botox is NOT an option for me and neither are muscles relaxants and those medications  "Movement disorder" people suffer from. I'm  orally chelating now under the care of an environmental doctor, (Who is VERY COSTLY)  so I don't want anything put back into my liver. I'm on a STRICT organs and vegetarian regimen. I'm seeking a HOLISTIC approach. I also have had my pastors and other Christian pray for me and lay hands on me.

Thank U all for any help. I will eventually be healed, I know, but I desperately need some relief!!!
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