Author Topic: Would you get the hepatitis A vaccine while pregnant?  (Read 2720 times)

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Would you get the hepatitis A vaccine while pregnant?
« on: June 01, 2013, 12:46:06 PM »
I recently got an automated phone call that the frozen berries we bought from Costco may be linked to a hepatitis A outbreak. There are 30 cases in 5 states.
Fortunately, our bag was not very empty, but we did eat some of them as recently as about 5 days ago. I bought them on May 13, so it is possible we ate them twice, though I cannot remember. All the online advice says to get the vaccine within 2 weeks of exposure. When I spoke to a doctor on-call last night, he did not seem alarmed. He seemed to think we would be sick by now *if* we had been exposed... but he did encourage me to call county health on Monday. I have read over and over (online) that this vaccine is safe while pregnant, mostly by organizations like the CDC. Other articles, by natural doctors, don't mention pregnancy, but seem to have some concerns with the vaccine. One of them is the fact that ( as of 2001) it is made with embryonic cells.

I am currently 16 weeks pregnant after a series of really rough miscarriages, that included two at 14 weeks. My doctor has me on blood thinners ( long story) and things are looking good with the baby. I am just wondering what your opinion is on taking this vaccine during pregnancy... I am trying to determine the risk/benefit of a decision like this...
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