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Seborrheic Dermatitis
« on: April 10, 2013, 08:34:49 AM »
I think my 15 year old dd has this. Nothing has been confirmed by a doctor, but I have read about different symptoms and looked at pics online and this looks like what she probably has. I have tried everything herbal/natural with no avail. It started when she was about 11-ish. Her hair just appeared greasy. Thought it was a hormonal/teenager thing, but she is 15 and it seems to be getting worse. She not only has the appearance of severely greasy hair, she has thick yellow patches of dandruff on her scalp. This is very embarrassing for her and it affects her self-esteem and her ability to do things with her hair.
The only thing that has ever worked is every summer that she is on the swim team, her hair is healthy! Maybe the chlorine and other dangerous chemicals is killing something on her scalp? But a week after swimming stops, it comes back.
These are the various things we have done:
Went no poo
Tried various dandruff shampoos (all with no SLS), most with either TTO, Black Tar, and I have tried both natural and conventional medicated shampoos.
Tea Tree Oil diluted on the scalp
Salt scrub followed with raw apple cider vinegar
yeast-free diet
organic coconut oil treatment with herbs
Homeopathic treatments of hepar-sulph and silica
I am willing to try again before taking her to see our doctor in August (when our insurance kicks in!). I really dislike the thought of any prescription medicine but we are so desperate for her! Nothing is working!!
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