Author Topic: hypogonadism and very low testosterone  (Read 3184 times)

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hypogonadism and very low testosterone
« on: February 05, 2013, 06:22:04 AM »
We would appreciate any advice and support.  My 36 year old husband has just been diagnosed with primary hypogonadism and very low testosterone (124).  He is starting testosterone hormone therapy...beginning with gels but looking into pellets since they are not as dangerous to me and the children.  We are desperately seeking advice for natural/herbal supplements to help.  His body make little (and will soon be no) testosterone because his "parts" have totally failed for no known reason.  He would like help with avoiding ED, maintaining a healthy prostate, trying to regain his stamina and strength, etc.  Thank you.  At his age, this is very, very difficult to deal with.

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Re: hypogonadism and very low testosterone
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Can I suggest you look into constitutional homeopathy to help his body actually begin its own function again?  A cursory review of a few sites indicates that it takes about 1yr of homeopathic treatment to completely balance out the hormones and make them more normal.   Myself and several of my friends have used h-pathy to increase progesterone and decrease estrogen.  It works beautifully.  I noticed a difference in about 3 mos. and would say the 1yr mark is about accurate for total balance of the hormones.  It would work the same for a man. 
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