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I was recently diagnosed with achalasia and after my consultation with a thoracic surgeon I did not want to undergo the surgery because I had a bad feeling about the outcome.  I had lost so much weight because nothing would go into my stomach.  Although I had become desperate I continued to search for and tried many remedys that the health food stores suggested. Most of the time i couldn't swallow them and if i did i couldn't get the supplements to go in my stomach. Thus, nothing helped.  During one of my visits I met a pastor who is also a doctor and he suggested that the vagus nerve may not be communicating properly with my stomach and throat and he suggested chiropractic adjustments.  I tried that 3x a week for two weeks but no luck there.  I prayed to God for a relief because my weight continued to drop and I was so dehydrated.  My chest was sore from constantly trying to force down meals and regurgitating every drop.  I continued to research the vagus nerve which eventually led me to acupuncture and after the first treatment in about 4hours I felt about 80% relief.  I have only had two treatments so far and I am at about 85% relief.  I can now eat foods and drink water without choking from the spasms and i can actually feel the food go into my stomach.  Last week i was going to bed hungry and today and I am so glad to say that I can swallow food and liquids and feel full.   God is good.  He answers prayers.  I am so glad I listened and was patient enough to keep searching for an answer.  Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.  I was absolutely miserable while i went on this year long journey and I hate to think that other people are still going through it.   

I hope this helps someone