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I was wondering if there was any specific info on here on stomach cancer. A friend of mine may have it, and she has lost several family members to it. She has not been diagnosed and she is very fearful of doctors, so I dont know if she'll ever go get checked out. She just wants to deal with things naturally. Any suggestions?

This thread covers a lot of options for cancer treatments in general.  Don't know if there might be something there that you are looking for. 

Thank you, I did read that and there was some helpful information on there, but I guess I was just looking for more specific help. Like has anyone experienced stomach cancer or know of specific treatments for it?

I would suggest quickly buying the book Cancer: Step Outside The Box.  This book covers the 7 most beneficial natural cancer treatments based on the type of cancer.  It is EXCELLENT.  Easy to read, very good.  She might also want to look into homeopathy.

Thank you, I will tell her!  :)


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