Author Topic: How old is too old for peri menopause?  (Read 3792 times)

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How old is too old for peri menopause?
« on: September 21, 2012, 06:01:51 AM »
Hi all,

Newbie here. I am trying to diagnose myself because I am not getting anywhere with conventional doctors, and the alternative ones do not take health insurance, at least I haven't found one.

I have the symptoms of peri menopause. I am 57, will be 58 in a few months. I had regular periods up until age 53, then they started to get a little closer together (every 28 days instead of 35, which had been normal for me all my life). They have been irregular for the past two years (I might skip a month or get two in one month). They are not heavy. Never have been.

This was all fairly manageable until about six months ago. I have always had pretty bad PMS, which i could live with because it would go away once my period started. Now the PMS is a problem because my cycles are so short I am either having PMS or a period. The PMS symptoms are the usual with added breast tenderness and swelling.  Also, more severe water retention, weight gain.

I started reading both Louise Gittleman and Dr. John Lee's books. I fit the profile of peri menopause with the exception of my age. I should be well past menopause by now. My question is this, should I follow their suggestions for 'peri zappers' and estrogen dominance even if the cutoff seems to be age 55?

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Re: How old is too old for peri menopause?
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Peri-menopause is defined by symptoms, not just age.  Since you are past the typical age of onset it does not raise any red flags;  it is the next logical step in aging.  It could indicate a problem if you were very young and had the same symptoms.  I t sounds to me like you have a strong endocrine system that has been functioning quite well.  The transition to menopause can be very uneven with lots of hormonal dips and swings.  Sounds like some herbal remedies might be in order to balance your hormones at this stage in your life.

Robert J. Rowen said in a recent newsletter that he likes to start with herbs and work up to glandulars if necessary for hormone balancing.  BHRT is a last resort in his opinion.
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