Author Topic: "allergies" or not  (Read 2503 times)

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"allergies" or not
« on: July 01, 2012, 08:41:24 PM »
Hi everyone.
I have tried talking with my doctors and I feel like I'm talking to wall.
So I thought I would try it here- anytime someone I know has something going on
I come here first (or email Healthy Bratt)

I have seasonal allergy symptoms- itchy nose and eyes, dry nose and eyes, allergy headaches.
But I have it ALL year long living  in Hawaii, then Nebraska, now California. I don't want to take
allergy pills, I dont want to go through getting 50 shots to see what I am allergic to.
In the last year I developed symptoms that sound exactly like sleep apnea.
I think that was caused by how much weight I gained during my pregnancy, but it hasnt gone away.

Im starting to doubt I have seasonal allergies. My nose is always "stuffy" but not with mucus
it's more like swollen on the inside so it's very hard to take a deep breath. My eye doctor said
I have excessively dry eyes- she put me on two different kinds of eye drops 3x a day, plus a
eye drop for allergies.

I jsut want to be able to breathe and feel better. Any tips or pushes int eh right direction
would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: "allergies" or not
« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2012, 01:18:26 PM »
Look into food allergies. DH had perpetual "allergies" for years until, over time eliminating different foods, we were able to find out what he is allergic to. He still suffers from seasonal allergies to certain things (cotton wood trees right now) and raw local honey taken every day takes care of that (when we can find it and afford it. Here, it often goes for $20+ a pint :o)  BTW DH is allergic to all legumes. This includes ALL peas and beans, peanuts, but soy is the worst and hardest to get rid of and he reacts the worse to it. Even foods with "vitamin E" usually use soy for that "vitamin".