Author Topic: toddlers with chronic allergies/possible asthma that lead to infections  (Read 2486 times)

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Hi! I like to think that we eat fairly healthy, that is until I get on this site-uggh! I think we have lots of room for improvement :)

I have a 3 1/2 yr old and 19mo old.  Both have had several illnesses throughout last winter, and this winter seems to be repeating...symptoms usually start the same (possibly allergy based) congestion, runny nose, loss of appetite, low-grade fever.....then inevitably turns into ear infection, strep, bronchitus, pneumonia, etc, etc....which ultimately results in yet another round of antibiotics from our doc :(

Older one is sick AGAIN now, went to doc today, who says perfectly normal for children with allergies to be sick 2 weeks out of the month-this is 50% of the time! I just find this hard to accept!!

So, today's symptoms, congestion, tired red watery eyes, and fever-spiking up to 102.7.  Result of visit: no antibiotic (a refreshing change) and a script for a daily nasal steroid, plus the current regimine of daily claritin and a flovent inhaler twice/day.  Then off to the out of town pulmonology specialist for allergy testing.

Love to hear your thoughts! 

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Ugggh!  I have been where you are!  My son was like that, but didn't get terrible infections that needed antibiotics.  It was just that EVERY time he had a cold we ended up with asthma issues.  ER once, and several trips to allergist for steroids.  And every so often they would add another asthma med and the Dr. would treat me like I must be doing something wrong that he kept getting worse.  His eyes would also get red and itchy, and his nose was always stuffy.  I knew that there MUST be a better way than just treating symptoms and that the Dr. must be missing something.  So I took him to a naturopathic MD who told me he thought he had a dairy allergy and to take him off it to see what happened.  Within a week he was off all his meds and has never needed them since!  That was about 3 years ago.  I would encourage you to find the source of the allergy.  Originally we thought it was dust mites, cats, and dogs, (from test in the first Dr. office) but we didn't have any pets, I changed his sheets every few days, and we had hardwood floors, so it was unlikely that any of those things was causing that much problem.  The reason I didn't notice that it was dairy is that he has a 4 hour delay before it shows up.  Now we only have a few colds/year and my "asthmatic" kid is the one least bothered by them.