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Getting energy back after Salmonella
« on: December 07, 2011, 10:17:57 AM »
My 20 year old daughter recently returned from Cambodia on a mission trip. Within a few days, she began to get ill (mostly diarrhea), then she had a fever. She thought she may have a parasite. I was in Japan when she became ill and felt the best plan of action was to get to an MD. They treated her for a parasite while running a fecal test. She began feeling better but the tests results said she actually had Salmonella poisoning. They then gave her other meds for that.

She no longer has symptoms but has low energy (and has been finished with meds for awhile). I'm having her take probiotics but figure there are more things I need to do to get her body back in gear. She is starting to get a cold now, because her immune system is low. She has been symptom free from the Salmonella for about four weeks now. Has been back from Cambodia about 5-6 weeks.

Any ideas for supplements or whatnot is appreciated. I need the most bang for my buck, so to speak. Thank you!