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Young Living EO and Compass Bio Survey Machine, Vitaflex
« on: December 07, 2011, 05:04:32 AM »
Hello All!  I have recently discovered YL EO and their Bio Survey machine.  The Compass sends info gathered from your hand (on a mouse type hand thing) and sends it back to the computer.  I have used it twice and my husband and son have used it once. The info gathered from your hand is used to make product recommendations based on your body's needs at that moment.  It seems really accurate from the things we have been experiencing as far as health.  It also detects emotional issues, as well--which seem correct.  Apparently, EO can help emotionally because their molecules are small enough to pass the blood brain barrier and it affects the front of the brain (limbic)  where our emotions are.  It also gives recommendations for physical ailments as well, although it cannot make diagnosis.  I am trying to weed through alternative therapies right now...  The lady who does this may be a Christian although of very different denominational background.  I know she seems to love the Lord and I believe she does believe in salvation through Christ Jesus, but she does go farther than I would go as far as meditation, EFT, etc.  So, I have been trying to research science and origins of some alternative therapies.  There is so much to wade through!!  She also uses vitaflex (a form of reflexology)  Some people talk about "energy, etc." with this, but I have seen it explained as sending electrical energy though the nerves or something to stimulate areas where the body has short circuited and needs repair...sounds legit, right?  She also talks about the frequencies of the oils and the frequency of the human body (which helps with healing).  I like the idea of the rife machine, so i think I do believe this.  BUT, oils can get a little "weird" as far as people using them for spirituality....  Any and all feeback is appreciated!  I would love to hear what you all think!!

Thanks!!   :)
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