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My 6 year old son, touching inappropriate areas


PLEASE HELP!  I am beside myself and am not even sure how to begin this subject but here goes.  Our 6 year old likes touching his- let me say butt and even plays with his poop.  He takes showers and when we do let him take a bath, he poops in the water.  I don't know how to handle this.  We believe in corporal punishment but I am afraid if I swat him for this behavior, it might back fire.  I have tried scolding him and even tried to make him feel guilty hoping that shame might do the trick.  It keeps me awake and night and I pray that God gives him and us the wisdom we need to handle this situation.   :'(

Please, if you can offer any advice I would truly appreciate it.

We have an existing thread on problems with potty (poo) training that should offer many ideas to help.,1291.msg4986.html#msg4986

5 kidos:
Is it possible that he is constipated. (Don't feel as though you need to answer. ;) I have one son that when he is constipated he gets very irritated in that area and will do those sort of things. I understand how disconcerting this can be!

Hope your able to figure it out. Hugs.


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