Author Topic: help? terrible reaction to poison ivy (?) in 5yo ds  (Read 2756 times)

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help? terrible reaction to poison ivy (?) in 5yo ds
« on: September 10, 2011, 07:40:16 AM »
My oldest ds weedwhacked around the pond one cloudy morning.  Then it started raining and a group of our dcs went up to fish.  All of them but one got at least a little poison ivy, but my 5yo ds case kept getting worse.  It's been five days now.  His legs are covered with scaly/prickly- looking rashes.  They are red and inflamed and quite swollen, the right leg worse than the left. 

I feel like I have tried *everything*. 
The first night of misery, I put charcoal poultices on his legs.  That gave him immediate relief in terms of itching, but the swelling and inflammation did not go down.  During the day he did not complain, and so I opted to simply leave it alone so it could dry out; it was weeping pus and just overall nasty. 
The second night I coated both legs with raw honey (in hopes to draw out infection), then put people's paste compresses on (containing comfrey, slippery elm, bayberry, myrrh and garlic) and wrapped it all night.  While it relieved his itching, it didn't reduce the inflammation or redness at all.  It was this time when he developed a low-grade fever.
I was getting frustrated.  I had been clean out of jewelweed, and we had a lingering tropical storm over our area, but I finally sent some dcs out to harvest jewelweed.  This being the third night, I juiced it in my juicer and made soaks to wrap around his legs, though I put honey on them first, then wrapped them overnight.  Same story-- helped the itching, but not the inflammation.

Next day was Friday-- I took him to the doctor.  He prescribed antibiotics, steroids, benadryl, and witch hazel.  I am loathe to give him this stuff, especially since his rash started showing signs of drying up right before I was scheduled to go to the doc with him. 
So dh and I decided to give it another night. 

I decided to try pantothenic acid/protein enzyme/vitamin C, and gave him the combo every 15 min for two hours, and every time he woke at night, along with echinacea.  I did not wrap them this time; I just did witch hazel (owie!) and calamine lotion every time he would wake up.  His rash doesn't seem much better, and his legs are still swollen.  He is complaining much more today during the day than ever before.  His fever is gone, though. I gave him a dose of querceten this morning, but not any changes in the inflammation.

I am starting to feel like he is a testing board for herbal remedies (I hate that!).  I was wondering if white willow might help, if it would be safe, or worth it-- or if anyone has any ideas? 


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Re: help? terrible reaction to poison ivy (?) in 5yo ds
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2011, 03:42:08 PM »
I've quoted your question and added my response and merged it with another existing thread on the topic.,289.0.html

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