Author Topic: Do babies get parasites from mom?  (Read 3987 times)

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Do babies get parasites from mom?
« on: August 11, 2011, 08:34:22 PM »
I had a Metametrix test ordered by my naturopath which revealed I have a parasite (and mold) in my system.  The parasite is unknown taxonomy.  I have been struggling with my health for 6 months, starting with what I thought was a Candida yeast infection, but it didn't respond to regular Candida protocol and the diet.  I have been nursing the entire time. My baby is six months old now.  I am praying about whether to wean her so I can go on a herbal parasite cleanse.  I am not feeling strong enough to continue feeding her and my weight is dropping.  My baby willl wake up at night and cry for no apparent reason (diaper dry, had a feeding).  She constantly sucks her hand, often seems stiff and uncomfortable (not relaxed), squirms and scratches herself and me. Otherwise, she's developing fine.  I had anemia with this pregnancy and borderline post-partum hemmorhage. I've been told (by an employee at that moms can pass on parasites in-utero. Has anyone had this verified by a reputable source?  I'm not looking for opinions but for facts.  Would any parasite cleanse be recommended while nursing (using a non-alcohol tincture without wormwood, or an herbal capsule without wormwood)?  Has anyone had experience with nursing/parasites?