Author Topic: Does anyone know if activated charcoal can be given safely to a seven month old  (Read 8224 times)

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My friend's baby boy has been in the hospital since yesterday and getting worse....very irritable and would not nurse.  Has diarrhea and vomiting (vomiting stopped already but diarrhea still persist)...It's her second nursing baby..The nursing baby is 7 months old.  The nursing mom (my friend) ate some seafood that was purchased from the open market here in the philippines.....the mom had 3 bouts of diarrhea and so did another relative who ate the same thing....they both had question is: is it safe for the baby to get activated charcoal mix with water in a much can you give a 7 month old often?

Any info ASAP would be much appreciated.

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I have never given charcoal to a baby, but I would do it. A quick google search revealed a disagreement over whether it is safe for babies and children. According to WebMD, it should NOT be given to children. But it seems in times past that is was a generally accepted treatment for children. I personally would do it, but might do a little more research first if you are still uncomfortable about it.
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If you aren't comfortable giving charcoal, then consider giving probiotics.

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I have given activated charcoal to a 6 month old via applesauce. It stopped the stomach virus fairly quickly. Charcoal shouldn't be used more than a day or two though, as it tends to absorb nutrients from the body.