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So, I just found out a good friend of mine's son has Chicken Pox. My boys are 3 yrs 5 months and 17 months old. Should I expose them? Any tips?

I want to expose my kids while they are little, but chicken pox is hard to find these days!  I think I would expose them because the later on in life they get it, the worse it is. 
I am interested to see what everyone else says.....

I would definitely expose them to it. It is a perfect opportunity. You will know it is coming so you can stock up on extra healthy food and herbs. You don't want to vaccinate them against this, you want them to get it so it will help them later in life. I watched a DVD about vaccinations that was called Vaccines-The Risks, Benefits, Choices and it covered this topic. The lady (who was an ER doctor) went over it more than I want to now but made it clear that your children should get this.

Buy lots of oats.  You'll need them for the anti-itch bath.

Mama Sita:
We exposed our kids to CP and I'm glad we did! Yes, we took lots of oatmeal baths and got lots of special *attention* from mom, and so the kids thought it wasn't so bad. All except for my 4 year-old daughter, who didn't get them until 2 weeks later (they all broke out at different intervals which kept us quarantined for an entire month) and prayed fervently to GET them! LOL! Poor thing! She got them SO bad and she was SO miserable...we have pictures to prove it  ;D

It was nice to get them over and done with. Just make sure you don't have any major social engagements for 2 weeks or so..... ;)


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