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Natural Asthma help
« on: March 06, 2011, 09:23:27 AM »
my 11 year old son has asthma :-( he can't take many of the meds because of side effects - probably allergy related - i don't want him on meds, but at times, like now he does use them  - just to get through the days --- he is anaphylactic to milk, and has allegries to nuts and probably other things... he stays off of dairy and nuts...  we are unsure what causes his asthma. but there HAS to be a reason .. i just can't accept that some people have it, some don't ... we have 8 children... one son *outgrew* asthma ... but he was young when he developed it, and i cut some things out, after noticing wheezing (like vitamins - store bought were bad for him)

anyway ANY  help or suggestions  would be greatly appreciated --- please...
thanks, tina

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Re: Natural Asthma help
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Have you read up on fungal overgrowth as an underlying cause of asthma?

Please read all the newsletter articles by Dr. Jennings to get a picture of what fungal overgrowth looks like.

Also, vitamin D levels need to be really high for quite awhile to assist immune function and healing:

The multiple allergies probably indicates leaky gut/dysbiosis.  The milk allergy (immediate reaction) will likely never disappear, but some of the delayed reaction allergies may.

Please read as much as you can on the Vitamin D Council website to understand how critical vit D is to overcoming chronic illness.  Very few doctors understand the importance of maintaining high levels (above normal) to trigger healing.  The newsletters are very easy to read and understand.  I suggest you start there.

Go to the search bar and type asthma.  You will get a lot of threads on it.  mykidsmom has lots of experience dealing with chronic illness in young children.  Look for her posts.  Her family is making great strides using homeopathy as prescribed by a trained homeopath.

Also, there is the magnesium deficiency link to asthma:
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Re: Natural Asthma help
« Reply #2 on: March 07, 2011, 08:31:28 AM »
thanks ! i have thought about  fungal - i will look into the stire you linked me... we started vitamin d about a week ago - he was doing really WELL then BAM the worst he has been in a long time, he is back on meds because he is doing so bad :-( he is now not wanting to take anymore vitamin d - his young mind, things it triggered it..

i will go read more on it