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Paypal type company-- Paybox Free $25
« on: January 15, 2011, 01:01:54 AM »
Hi everyone, I just figured it would probably be best to start a new topic here.  I have been watching this new company for a while, and it reminds me very much of Revolution Money exchange from a while ago.  Many people including myself were able to easily accumulate around $300 or more.  It paid for my cloth diaper stash, pus groceries.   
     This one is still in the early bird stages, and to grow their business they are offering $25 in your acct to start (just like RME), and they give you $10 for each referral, plus extra $$ to take their short surveys. 
    I'm writing because they have a new update.  They first things you will be able to use your paybox cash (this is supposed to be actual cash, not like points) will be on items that can be purchased digitally such as:
    * Computer software
    * Digital images
    * Electronic books
    * Information products
    * MP3s (including music and audio books)
    * Tutorials
    * Videos
    * Wallpapers
    * Web hosting
    * Website memberships
    * and anything else that can be delivered online
They don't ask for much information, just name, email addy...etc (no social security number or anything)
RME really helped our family out, so if this ends up anything like that, many of us will have a huge payout when it opens.  Let me know if you  have any questions.  When you sign up, you can read all of their blog posts, and company updates.  They update almost every day. 
So grateful for all the Lord has done for me and my family.  God is so good!

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Re: Paypal type company-- Paybox Free $25
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2011, 02:17:31 PM »
It looks promising... how can I be sure it's legit before I share the referral link with others??
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