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Healing for Punctured Lung
« on: October 10, 2010, 07:04:05 AM »
A dear friend was receiving steroid injections for pain relief when her lung was accidentally punctured (a known risk of the procedure). 

This was, oh 4-6 weeks ago, and last night, she was trying to blow out a fire and felt some pain again.

Is there anything you can recommend for healing?


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Re: Healing for Punctured Lung
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2010, 07:48:41 AM »
Not quite the kind of source I was looking for but maybe a lead:

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Re: Healing for Punctured Lung
« Reply #3 on: October 10, 2010, 12:32:30 PM »
This formula (the org version) would still be my 1st choice for how to treat it if it were me. Personally, since the org formula isn't available I would probably use 2 caps of powdered comfrey root (you would have to encapsulate it yourself since comfrey isn't sold in caps any more) & 2 caps of CL7 taken 4 Xs a day. I would use that for a probably a month, then taper it down- 1 of each 4Xs a day for a couple of weeks & then 1 dose at bed for probably another month just to be sure that it's fully healed. HTH

Thank you! These are exactly the kind of answers I was looking for. It's always nice to hear that someone else has tried it and hasn't dropped dead yet.  ;D

As far as using comfrey internally & not dropping dead, my mom used comfrey root internally in large amounts daily for a year & then a smaller amount daily for another year after that. That was during 1991 & 2 (before the warning came out) & she lived with no apparent liver damage until she passed away from fungal breast cancer in 2007. If it had trashed her liver I'm sure it would have shown up sometime- either during the time she was taking it or during the 15 years she lived after she used it.

My mom had been in 2 serious home fires in a short period & it had badly damaged her lungs. She had to be propped up when she was in bed or she couldn't breath & just talking was enough to leave her short of breath. The Drs had told her that nothing could be done, that she would just have to live with it & she would end up with Emphysema, on oxygen & would probably die from it. 

I lived in another state & the only 2 herb books I owned at the time were Today's Herbal Health & ABC Herbal. We didn't have a health food store near by so I couldn't research product lines (pre-internet) & I was fairly new to herbs so I didn't know what to recommend but knew there HAD to be herbs that would help. By the grace of God I had a pamphlet from ONE herb company that described all of their formulas. It just happened to be Nature's Herbs which bases most of their formulas on Dr Christopher's formulas. The names back then for many herbal formulas wasn't as much of a clue as to what the formula is used for as they tend to be now so I had to go through each formula's ingredient's in my books until I figured out which formula she needed. She once I narrowed it down to CL 7 (which I realized later stands for Clear Lungs & the formula has 7 herbs) & told her over the phone to get ONLY that brand, that formula b/c I had NO idea what else might be a good choice.  ;) ::)

The formula now contains Mullein Leaves, Chickweed Herb, Marshmallow Root, Slippery Elm Bark, White Pine Bark, Elecampane Root and Hyssop but then it contained comfrey & I 99% sure that it was the first ingred. Also, I know that it contained only 7 herbs even then- I'm pretty sure that it's the Elecampane that's replaced the comfrey so it's still 7 herbs.

Per the instructions in my herb books she took 4 caps 4 times a day. At 16 caps a day she went through a 100 ct bottle every 6 days which added up in price but it was SO worth it. Within a short time she started coughing up black, sooty goop that smelled like smoke which was hard on her but as more of that junk got out of her lungs her breathing improved.  :D Within a few months she didn't need to be propped on bunches of pillows to sleep, talking didn't leave her short of breath, etc.

She took 16 caps a day for a full year. After that she took 4 at bedtime for another year. By the end of the 2 years the only time she had problems was if she got exposed to a lot of dust (dust had bothered her for years before this) or was around A LOT of ciggy smoke. From the near the end of the fist year treatment until she passed away most of the time she lived with anywhere from 1 to several smokers that unfortunately all smoked in the house. Even with all that she could handle the normal amount of second hand smoke even as early as the second year of treating it- it was only if there was a lot of smoke that she would wheeze. When that happened she would get out of the smoke & take 4 CL 7 & the wheezing would go away. She always kept CL 7 around for a few years in case she needed it but eventually she didn't need it any more at all.   

So that's our experience with it for what it's worth. Blessings ~herbalmom

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Re: Healing for Punctured Lung
« Reply #4 on: October 10, 2010, 03:13:03 PM »
a strong comfrey poultice over the area 3x a day?  Especially since she knows where the puncture wound is.  Other healing herbs that would be good as well: aloe & arnica.
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Re: Healing for Punctured Lung
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Thanks so much, you two!   :-*