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GOOT/Ginger Bath Combo?


Hi y'all. My 10 month old woke up this morning with a stuffy nose complete with red eyes and green "stuffy", as we call it in our house! She doesn't feel bad, but I want to nip it.

I'm thinking about a ginger bath followed by goot. Think that should do the trick? Anything else you'd recommend instead?



Whatever you decide, just remember that little one's systems don't often need vigorous measures to respond. In other words, a little is often sufficient as their systems aren't as run down with years of toxins and abuse (as are ours  ::)). So, while I'm all for nipping it in the bud, don't throw the baby out with the (ginger) bathwater ;)

Maybe some EmergenC packets?  they are available at some walmarts.  1000 mg. of vit. c each, and easy for little ones to take.  mix one packet with 4-6 oz. water. 

and whatever probiotic you have on hand give her some of that!   ;D 


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