Author Topic: How do you cope when sickness hits?  (Read 1529 times)

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How do you cope when sickness hits?
« on: October 06, 2006, 08:43:32 AM »
I have soooo had it. I don't know if you all remember, but I have three little girls, ages 3.5, 2.5 and 7 months. About a month or so ago we all had the stomach virus, my worst fear, but we pulled through alright. My oldest is developmentally delayed (as in not talking etc.) and goes to a specialized school during the day all week, so she comes in contact with other kids and their germs. She now has horrible pink eye...I've been using the drops from the last time, but it's still bad. She freaks every time we have to clean her eyes and give drops. My second daughter had been acting weird, lethargic, complaining of her belly hurting etc. so I took her in to the pediatrician thinking it could be a bladder infection based on other things she was doing. Well, they didn't know what they were doing, thought I was dreaming things I guess, put her through some exams and sent us home. Talk about a freak show, since I had my other two with me. She didn't eat dinner, she didn't pee all night or this morning, and when she woke up she just laid on the floor...she's usually bouncing off the walls and driving me nuts first thing. So we go back to see another doctor because our actual doctor either isn't there or always booked. Turns out she has strep throat! Who'd a thunk?

Anyways, we got antibiotics going on despite all my preventative measures. We do vitamin C drinks, sambuccol, yogurt/probiotics, sometimes garlic water, I make homemade food etc. But, we can't get raw milk or good quality meat, and we do eat some sugar. I can't monitor every speck of sugar...I'm too busy with the others. I know echinacea can help and am about to order some, but still, I am so frazzled. They are so cranky and any little thing starts a screaming fit. Thank goodness the baby is happy.

How do you all deal with having a bunch of littles being sick...or the possibility of everyone getting sick? I can't not go places, and I refuse to be a recluse here :) Anyways, it's just the beginning of October and already all of this. How do I fight it? Please give me some advice.


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Re: How do you cope when sickness hits?
« Reply #1 on: October 06, 2006, 08:57:51 AM »
Just keep going. I have four kids (6, 4, 2, and 9mo) and for the last two and a half weeks they and my husband have been sick with some strange illness that changes symptoms with each person. Night before last is the first night in two weeks that I slept through the night! But my victory was short lived. My 9 month old slept with me last night and alternated coughing and nursing all night. I am still tired and now that my husband is getting better, he has made sure that I am taking my Super Mom vit! He doesn't want me to get sick and have to go through the same thing of nursmaid that I did! Just hang in there. It's like pregnancy - It has to end sometime! Katie
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Re: How do you cope when sickness hits?
« Reply #2 on: October 09, 2006, 05:31:59 AM »
I agree, it is so hard.  We just pray a lot, take handfuls of supplements - I include a couple of things from Standard Process - congaplex and immuplex during the flu season, eat right --- and then when it happens - and inevitably it does -- just keep on keeping on!  I do find that with our precautions, it seems to be less severe and more short lived than most people around us, so I think that eating right and taking the supps we take, definitely makes a difference.  I will offer you a little hope though - when they get older, it gets easier.  My children are now 12, 12, 8, and 4 and when it hits it is not nearly so tiring for me.  I can prop them all up in bed, read or let them watch a select video and take them smoothies or cold things I mix up in the vitamix and they all stay pretty happy.  Of course, I would love to have a baby in the house, but right now we don't and I will admit that sicknesses are easier to handle.  Unless Daddy gets in on it .....but, we were talking about children right, not hubbys!! ;)