Author Topic: Hormone Therapy after Oophorectomy?  (Read 1800 times)

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Hormone Therapy after Oophorectomy?
« on: August 25, 2010, 09:52:28 AM »
After having my daughter by c-section in June, I developed an abdominal abscess that encompassed my right ovary and fallopian tube.  In July, they removed the abscess, but also my ovary (leaving the left one and my uterus).  Since I had little choice in the matter, I wasn't able to prepare and am doing the research now about the side effects of this procedure. 

I know that my left ovary will kick in and take over the job of hormone regulating for my whole body.  However, I've also read that for a short time (up to a few months) the remaining ovary can "shut down" out of shock and can really create havoc with a woman's hormones during that time.  There can apparently be times of major hormone shifts, much like puberty all the way through menopause. 

My question is wondering if progesterone cream would be beneficial at this point?  I am looking at ordering some, but don't want to waste my money (right now) if I just need to really give my body some time to figure itself out for a few months.  I don't know what other therapy to do (what other hormones to use) and which ones I can get that are bio-identical (other than progesterone cream).  My dr is a non-natural-type of person, so I don't know how much help she would be to me on this particular issue.  (She rolled her eyes when I told her I was taking pro-biotics to help balance things out from all the antibiotics I've been on....)

Anyway, any advice or thoughts or help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.  I searched the forums for this type of thing and didn't see what I needed....