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Re: Foot Pain: Causes & Cures
« Reply #30 on: October 29, 2009, 03:57:43 AM »
Oh the pain.  :'(  My foot has gotten increasingly worse to the point where hobbling around is the "norm" for me.  HORRIBLE pain!  And there's so many things that have slowly become things I "used to be able to do".

I have tried: shoe inserts of all kinds, arnica, comfrey, plantain, miracle herbal rub (BHS), stretches, good shoes, better shoes, icing, epsom salt foot soaks...all with no lasting results.

This morning I got up in excruciating heel pain (as usual!) and started researching on the internet (again). I stumbled upon something I'd never heard of, but might actually work. Duct tape.  Wrapping up my foot with some plain ol' duct tape. My husband went and got me some right away put some on me.  I felt immediate pain relief . (I think I heard my foot sigh!  ;D)

Hope someone else will try this and post their results.   Here's the LINK to the article.

Basically, the main steps are:
1. Wrap a piece of duct tape around the foot (with sock ON), not so tight as to cut off circulation, just tight enough to hold the arch up so it can’t sag.
2. A couple times a day, do 5 or 10 calf stretches which consisted of standing on any raised platform, preferably a stair step where I had a rail to hold on to, and, with the ball of the foot on the platform, gently lower heels till you can feel the calf muscle stretch.
3. In the evening, sit, bring your foot up onto your knee, hold your toes and gently pull them back till you can feel the stretch and hold the position for 15 seconds, repeat 5 times. Then lower your foot onto a frozen can of orange juice placed on the floor and roll it back and forth under your arch for at least 5 minutes.
4. Keep foot flexed while sleeping. This can be done by using a leg brace that keeps your feet flexed OR sleeping prone (on your stomach) and tucking feet between the mattress and foot of the bed. Keep wearing the duct tape.
5. Take an Aleve in the morning and one at night to get rid of the inflammation.
6. Change shoes at lunch time every day.
7. Never wear the same shoes two days in a row.

So...I'm ok with everything but the Aleve.  :- /  Is Aleve “safe” to take for this?  Seems like it plays a key role in getting that inflammation under control, but I despise taking pharmaceuticals and avoid them like the plaque.  But if it will help heal my foot I am tempted to give it a chance short term. 
I’m interested in any opinions on this.
Thanks!  (And sorry this was so long!)
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Re: Foot Pain: Causes & Cures
« Reply #31 on: October 29, 2009, 04:14:34 AM »
You could take quercetin orally as an anti-inflammatory.  It occurs naturally in onions, as well as other foods, but you can get just the powdered quercetin.  Patti (mykidsmom) suggests taking it in applesauce. :)
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Re: Foot Pain: Causes & Cures
« Reply #32 on: October 31, 2009, 11:14:47 AM »
Thanks, Gwen!  I don't have any quercetin right now, but I'll be sure to put it on my wish list.  So far I've just been doing the duct tape and I'm amazed at how well it's working.  I am so encouraged that such a simple thing can be so effective.  I'm walking without pain or limping for the first time in over a year.  Praise God!
Always remember you're unique - just like everybody else!