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Biofilms are basically a way that bacteria congregate and protect themselves whether in you body or in nature.  The reason they are interesting in this area is that certain bacteria have been shown to set up biofilms in the body, particularly the gut. 

This is a very comprehensive article on where, how, why etc. that bacteria form biofilms in the body.

My particular interest in biofilms is as a way to explain why people with healthy diets will still have persistent issues with yeast and food allergies.  Basically another reason why our guts fail to heal, and even become leaky in the first place. 

So far this is my understanding and hypothesis of Gut Biofilms.

Biofilms are made up primarily of polysaccharides and ions (metals).  But our digestive systems are designed to break down ps(polysaccharides), in fact most sugars and all grains and starches are ps.  So in order to establish themselves in the gut, biofilm bacteria would have to inhibit or destroy the body's ability to complete the enzyme action.  This is most often done through compromising the intestinal villii (Sound like Celiac's disease to anybody else?).  The very act of compromising digestion would have a tendency to break down the gut wall and the action of the bacteria in the biofilm would amplify the damage.

This is a link for one guys system of getting rid of biofilms

Our family has decided to do the following protocol in the treatment of our intestinal biofilms:
2-3 times a week for 6-8 weeks (I figure on 18 treatment days) beginning on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.

InterFase or ACV depending on age of child, EDTA. (Biofilm disruptors)

30 min later: Garlic and Oreganol (bug killers)

30 min later: Activated Charcoal and Chlorella ('mop up' agents for freed metals, toxins and die off).

1 hr later: Probiotic food (first food of the day) to repopulate the gut and make the biofilm harder to reestablish. 

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This is something I've been researching too!  I found some info for women suffering with Bacterial Vaginosis, and the lady talks about these biofilms, and how they can only be penetrated by taking enzymes first, then probiotics.  Actually, I've been doing the 20 leaky gut cleanse from the natural school, from another post on here, because it seemed to have all the elements for hopefully kicking this problem.