Author Topic: How do you ladies REALLY feel about your middle age?  (Read 18013 times)

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Re: How do you ladies REALLY feel about your middle age?
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ekvcnasr~~~~I am so sorry you are feeling so depressed.  Under the same circumstances I would probably feel the same.  I am hoping you have some friends that you could call on to help you through this time.  Sometimes we have a tendency to isolate ourselves because we don't want to admit we need some cheering up, please know that your true friends would want to help.  I will be praying for you.
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Re: How do you ladies REALLY feel about your middle age?
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Precious one! (I haven't been on welltellme for a few years and just  felt compelled to check if I still had a  post. I'm sorry to hear you're depressed. I'm finding many beautiful women of God are being beaten down by the enemy. It's been QUITE a battle for me struggling with a horrendously draining neurological condition called DYSTONIA, (from Lyme Disease and heavy metal poisoning). OH MY MY were it NOt for JESUS mercy, LOVE and grace, I'm sure I would be writing this today.
This strange malady started over six years ago with a spasm in my throat. a Month later I was at HUP, Pennsylvanians TOP nuerology center. No one had any cure or relief for this  condition. The muscles of my throat PULL down my jaw, making the mouth open and close  100s of TXs a day. My right jaw is in agony, (TMJ) they call it. And  when closing down,. the teeth sometimes chomp on my tongue & I have a bloody mess.

I'v CUT down going out and gigging because I'm so self-conscious of my facial grimaces. I used to be feminine, spry and adorable, now I feel like a freak. But Good has come out of all this suffering and  over 20,000 in medical visits, treatments and  supplements. Doctors, neurologists, a chro and accupuncturists have made a killing off us and NO relief. It is misery living each moment.

The Lord has blessed me to be able to minister to the elderly, disabled and dying with my ministry. No longer focusing on  performing, many opportunities have come to encourage & inspire family members who've LOST loved ones to cancer or whatever1 I also fell back in love with Photography and finished my beautiful journaling and color  picture book 5-part series, "Arise From Your Grave!!"  Also, my kitty cat, Pee_wee has been my little constant companion. I also mentor 3 beautiful young Christian women on FACEBOOK and it's a joy.

My pastor also ordained me as a minister last October and I've been leading worship for her small congregation. It's been amazing ushering in God's presence on Sunday in such a condition. Everything in my life a nothing short of a miracle.

I'd love to pray with you and encourage you. If you wish to reach me, you can GOOGLE me. I have a few website, Music, blogsite on wordpress and various articles. Please contact me and I will be praying for you. Thank You for responding, sister. God bless you.'
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