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« on: April 14, 2010, 02:23:16 AM »
I researched neuropathy and found it scattered here and there but found no topic thread on it here.

What herbs and natural things can help it?

What can slow it down?

As of right now all I know is Vit B1. Also some friends have told me oat straw helps.

I cant buy high priced formulas and stuff like that from those places that over charge us to death so I need practicle easy to obtain solutions if possible. Thank you :)

PS--if it helps to know, I am a diebetic and thus is the reason for the neuropathy

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Re: Neuropathy
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I had a nurse ask me this question one time for her mom.  I studied it out and found that alpha lipoic acid is excellent for neuropathy.  Her mom started taking it in pretty good doses very faithfully and the nurse said that within a week or so she started to feel much better and had much better mobility and comfort.

Might be worth giving a try.

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