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it has been presented to me, that this thread might be helpful to many of the members on our forum.

i do not currently suffer from any food intolerances, and i'm incredibly thankful for this, but i think i understand how tough it might be.

be encouraged to help each other out.

here's all i can offer for encouragement, having not been in your shoes.

1)  gut healing can reverse allergies. 

2)  sometimes you need not learn replacements for every food in the world, just learn to do without some of them to make your life and transition simpler until you adjust.

3)  give yourself a break.  your health might depend on it.  *wink*

everyone else feel free to jump in and take over.

Thanks HB!!! You are great!  :-*

  I am wondering if the cravings for the foods that used to be favorites ever goes away? Now, though I have never really had cravings during pregnancy before, I realize my current condition could be making it worse. There are days when I can see, smell, and almost taste poultry. I have always preferred poultry to any other meat and I have days when I close my eyes I can just see someone slicing that Thanksgiving turkey....  ::) :-[  It is crazy.  I did my Elisa 96 test in August and have not (knowingly) had any of my many allergens since. Is it normal to still crave things almost 6 months later?  

  Also, has anyone found a good egg and soy free mayo?  I found a recipe here  but have not felt well enough to make it (I am still in the trenches of morning sickness).

 Now I hope some of you others with food intolerances will join me so I am not whining to myself!  ::)  ;D

Oh come on! There has to be somebody else out there that wants/needs encouragement in the whole food allergy/intolerance arena! :-[ Come out, come out, wherever you are!!!  ;D ;D

Well, I have a funny story from our first Sunday after we got our Elisa results back which told us we were allergic to gluten among other things.  At communion time, hubby had already given us a drink of the grape juice from the wine glass, and as he was passing out the bread to each of us it dawned on us almost at the same time that we couldn't eat any!  We just bust out laughing. No communion bread was eaten that day.  :P  So things you don't think about like having to bring your own communion bread to church!

Beppyjo, sorry about the morning sickness and cravings.  :(   I do not know anyone IRL that has food allergies and it's kinda lonely actually. Weird, but true.  I guess it's just food is such a big deal!!  I'm thinking all our traditions, especially when my MIL comes we cook up a storm and make all her favorite English meals that she wouldn't cook for just herself to spoil her.  Trifle is her favorite and that is a big no, no now. It is still really, really hard for me at our church potlucks. I've had to go sit outside under the guise of overseeing kids just to get away from all my favorite foods!  I believe this will get easier. I guess it will just take some time.  When I'm at home I very rarely have cravings, but if I go out to the store or pass our favorite pizza joint I have had very strong cravings! Doughnuts are a biggie, though I only had them like a few times a year before. Just wanted to let you know you're not alone.  ;)


--- Quote from: beppyjo on March 04, 2010, 04:25:25 PM ---Oh come on! There has to be somebody else out there that wants/needs encouragement in the whole food allergy/intolerance arena! :-[ Come out, come out, wherever you are!!!  ;D ;D

--- End quote ---

BJ - we daily walk this road.  I get weary at times but look back and remind myself of where my DH and DS were a year ago and realize it's all worth it.  Now that a year has gone by they are able to eat small amounts of things they couldn't even consider touching a year ago.  Nightshades being the biggie.  So when you get discouraged and frustrated, just remind yourself that in a few short months you will be able to start adding things back in.  Also remember that you want to feel well and the only way to do so is diet. 

Nourish your baby when you can.   ;)  Hopefully, the MS will pass quickly.



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