Author Topic: Attention Deficit HyperActivity Disorder [ADD/ADHD]: Causes & Cures  (Read 53451 times)

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Re: Attention Deficit HyperActivity Disorder [ADD/ADHD]: Causes & Cures
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I would recommend reading the book:  Is this Your Child?  It is very informative and goes into descriptive detail about how children with ADD/ADHD are suffering from food and enviromental allergies.
Our daughter, who was diagnosed with Tourette's, also had symtoms of ADD.  She didn't "bounce off the walls", but she had the concentration problems, paying attention problems, remembering small things. She never had that as a young child, but sort of grew into it.
We've had her on allergy shots for about a year, now, and she is basically a cured case!! HTH!

Does anyone else have any experience with allergy shots? We have our son on them for dogs, cats, and grass allergies. Our hope was also that we would see some improvement in his concentration issues, but have not so far. He has only been on them a few months and we haven't seen any benefit of them yet. In fact, quite the opposite! Thanks, in advance, for sharing!


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  My favorite herb book!!