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MJ - you have been wondering for a long time if your mercury fillings are an issue and I think you are clearly getting a picture that they are.  It may mean that each time you go to the dentist you have them do one or two teeth and get them out.  

I am becoming more convinced of this as well. Thanks for pointing it out!  I need to do all the leg work and get costs, etc. and pick someone so that when the opportunity arises I can jump on it.  

Second, my husband is like you.  His body was/is so out of whack he could never have done GAPS.  As I've said before, I think it's a great concept, but it isn't going to work for everyone.  I think you do need to give it a few days and see if this continues.  If it does, it would be wise to re-evaluate.  

Yes, I'm gonna keep going with GAPS and see how I do the next few days with a few changes I mentioned above.  I have noticed a huge improvement in my digestion since on night and day, not perfect but much improved. And when we ate non-intro today (but still gaps) I got indigestion and yucky indigestion burps, my previous norm.  I ate just grilled chicken and zuchinni and skipped the grilled onions.  I have terrible digestion that even good enyzmes don't totally help with! So that is enough to convince me of GAPS right there.

Your next step would likely be a diet free of your food allergerns, sulfur, and glutamates.  Adding in nystatin, digestive enzymes and a STRONG probiotic.  This was the route we had to take for hubba and he has done a huge amount of healing in one year's time.So, if GAPS doesn't work for you, there are other options.  

I would love to be doing the pb and enzymes, but right now things are just so tight. If only money grew on trees.  :P   In a perfect world I would love to combine the above with GAPS and a strong pb is recommended from the very beginning as well as digestive enzymes.  If I did a deviation it would be full gaps or the standard carbohydrate diet or a combo to avoid dysacharides which I believe is important to healing and the body to being able to produce it's own enzymes, but avoiding food allergens. Honestly, I think I am just need to do some tweaking to fit my individual situation, rather thank GAPS not working.

And on the garlic - you will become allergic to it if you use that much.  Because you already have a body having immune issues, you will not want to use too much of any one thing on a regular basis.  Try to rotate stuff every 4 days.  Also, try removing the garlic for a day or two just to see if that's what's causing the mercury issues in your mouth.  

Oh thank you for this! This makes a lot of sense!

Because you have so much going on, you will have to eliminate one thing at a time in order to figure out if the issues is GAPS or what you're eating (as in, adding to the soups).

I'm gonna remove onion and garlic from the stock and other stuff that does not seem really, really safe right now.  Patti, can I as why you would think GAPS would be the issue?  I'm not sure I understand why eating meat and veggies and broth for a few days/weeks would be harmful?  I have read many, many benefits of these for healing even before I knew of GAPS.  And besides they are just food!

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Mommyjen, just to let you know that most organic chicken is still fed soy. For us that was a problem in the worst times. Now we don't notice anything, but still do our meat, dairy and eggs soy free.  What were your reaction if you remember? I have no other option for broth at this point.  :(  We have raised fryers before and plan do that for sure now regularly, but for now...maybe it would be best just to do grass fed beef and forget the broth?

In putting all the pieces of your story together, I'm still thinking a herxheimer reaction. Even if you did candida cleanses before...more on that in a minute.
I'll look at the failsafe later on, sounds like it might be a good choice....

You think the ear pain could be herxing?  What about the reaction to the broth/possibly glutimate? Others reacted for little while to the broth, but kept going cause they were pretty sure they were having a healing reaction and they got through it fine and for the better for it! Just not for sure where I am in all that, but preparing the broth diff. should help lots, though it may not be as full off the good stuff as well glutimate.  Tough call. The other stuff I'm not worried about and am pretty sure it is just herxing.

Salicylate allergies seem to be a "new" popular diagnosis. From secondhand observation limiting the diet to avoid salicylates resulted in ever declining health because balanced nutrition was gone. However, just getting on to a NT, high levels of "healthy" fats, cultured foods, and broths soon fixed the salicylate reactions.

I'm pretty good on fats every day and broth somewhat less so and cultured foods not so much before gaps.  I know there is room for imporvement in the protocol you described above.  I'm just not so sure I want to keep doing things I may be sensitive too.  I think I'd rather remove them and intro when I'm better so I can tell for sure that they are or aren't bothering me on the NT foods.  I so sick right now that I just don't have time on my side you know,?  My whole fam is suffering too from my poor health.  :'(  The FAILSAFE site I linked to mentioned that an unbalanced diet is a concern for many, but that really it is well rounded and from the looks of it and temperorary. The salycites list there seemed like one could eat very balanced if found to be allergic?  She did say that some people are afraid to eat things that they think might react to (not allergywise but food chemical sensitivity wise) just to be safe but that this could create dietary imbalances and is not necessary. Need to check into that more if I go that route.

If it is at all possible for you to get to a dentist suitable for doing the amalgam removals I think you would be pleased with the results.( you know the basic drill for safe removals)  I continued to have recurrent fungal overgrowth and dysbosis issues until I got the mercury out for good. Be prepared. That in itself will trigger herxheimer. It wasn't mercury toxicity symptoms, it was the worst yeast die-off symptoms I ever had. Activated charcoal is helpful. I was glad to see on another thread the Dramanov who Patti mentions frequently also prescribes it.

I'm really, really thinking mercury is an issue for me, too.  My heart is willing, but my wallet is weak, lol.  :D  But, God cares and he takes care of us, so we will just see what is ahead!

Okay, so DH and I decided add some nuts and other allowed full GAPS stuff (not intro diet) today cause we ran out of broth cause I was did way too much research yesterday/today and slacked and honestly we are giving ourselves some slack at first.  

Breakfast- leftover soup that I ate luke warm and only had slight teeth pain, nothing like previously, but I did still have the ear pain, flushing during and after soup.  It did have garlic and onion and onion and was full strength broth. The ginger tea is not hurting my fillings/teeth, so I think there is something in the broth reacting to my mercury filling.

Lunch- grilled chicken and zucchini.  I had the worst indigestion and yucky indigestion burps after this meal.  My digestion had been so good the last few days!

Then, hubby made a dissacharide free nut fudge: walnuts, sun butter, sunflower seeds, a few almonds, vaniila extract, dried coconut (no sugar from the HFS), honey, and cocoa powder.

It was good but just moments after my first bite I started getting tummy cramping. A few hours later I was sicker than I've ever been and that is no exaggeration.  Stomach cramping and horrible, violent loose stools. My hands and face were numb and hot.  I thought I was gonna throw up or faint or both.  I ate something toxic my body was trying to get rid of.  It wasn't the nuts or sunbutter cause I snacked on those earlier in the day with no prob and have been having honey in my ginger tea, so it must have been the coconut or vanilla or cocoa, not likely the sunflower seeds. I'm guessing the cocoa cause I have had minor tummy stuff with cocoa but nothing like this before.

Oh my.  Will be testing coconut and vanilla very carefully in the future when allowed on GAPS.  Yikes.  I'm drinking some ginger tea right now to help settle my tummy and didn't join everyone at the dinner table tonight.  :-X

I wonder why this happened on GAPS and not before?  Maybe I'm cleansing and my body is able to react better/cleared on foods that are troublesome?  I am glad to know how bad probably the cocoa is for me now, and looking back there were indications before.

Got to go make some more broth, but I'm not sure which way to cook it!  :P

Jen, If you react to something while on GAPS intro always take it out and wait to try it again. I'm pretty sure this is in the book... There may be a few cases where someone just reacts to everything, for example my friend who was very, very sick with diverticulitis and in horrible pain. Just clear bone broth in tiny sips until she started feeling better, then "meals" of broth, then a clear bone and veggie broth, then a few tbsp of the soft veggies, and a little (chicken) fat....I don't want to be etc, and etc.  ;D

Soy reactions were moodiness, face flushing, general aches and pains. The worst in my son with sensory issues. He would lie on the couch (fatigue?) and whine, cry, and pick a fight with any person who took him up on it...  You have to do what is possible at this point. I only pointed it out as another tidbit to keep in mind if broth continues to be a problem. I would never have believed the difference in how the animal's diet comes through the product until I saw for myself the difference in my child. I'm glad we found that, otherwise we might have gone down the allergen avoidance route for nothing as it wasn't chicken, eggs, or goat milk that was the problem. It was the components going into making that milk, etc. Homegrown even, I was just feeding a commercial pelleted feed.  :( However, you can make do with what you have!! Don't let what you can't do stop you from doing all you can.

I must be forgetting some things about GAPS intro and why we did what we did. For example, I didn't remember each patient was to have 1-2 tbsp of garlic. We did much less than that.
I DO remember doing the first broth with only bones, water and salt. Onions and celery were added one at a time to make sure we were cleared for each. I added one veggie every other day ( I think).  Remember noticing how much prettier soup looked with both peas AND carrots.  :D We didn't find any food we reacted to until we got up to nuts and such. She recommends peanuts at some point and 3 of us can't tolerate them to this day. We get cramps, diarrhea and all the other violent, fun symptoms that body reacts with.  ::)

--- Quote ---You think the ear pain could be herxing?
--- End quote ---
Yes, definitely. Pain, drainage, the works. There were times I could not believe all the nasty stuff that drained out of some of my boys' and my ears. Almost like ear infections.  Dh took care of his own.   :D I don't really know about his.
I believe it has to do with lymph system overload and maybe even from the sinuses. Get some mild exercise in, warm baths with dead sea salt, baking soda, and or epsom salts as you think appropriate. Charcoal, etc. You might try garlic poultices on the glands right under the jaw and see if that relieves any pain.
Just as an example... I had terrible urinary pain. Almost like a UTI. I had some damage from UTI  both bacterial and fungal .... so not surprised that a herxheimer showed up there. It passed in a few days, and would show up briefly in detox cycles along with body odor,bad breath, and loose stools.  :P

--- Quote ---What about the reaction to the broth/possibly glutimate
--- End quote ---
Not sure on this one. Could be. Best thing I can say is to try a different way of prepping the broth and leave out all seasonings except salt one time and see what happens. The main point right now is to put stuff into your body that will digest, nourish and repair that lining. "less" might be more in this case. At any rate I think you will see advancements. Well, I guess you already have to some extent, even in just a few days. Without having the resource of a natural doc to consult several times a week like they do with patients in your condition  you will have to do all the tweaking.  I'll just say it again. I'm praying for you and am sure others are as well.

--- Quote ---I wonder why this happened on GAPS and not before?
--- End quote ---
One reason is the same as waiting 30 days and then challenge testing for allergens. Clear the body and you can make more accurate observations. The other is that herxheimer/ healing crisis the immune system is more alert under stress actually.  This can work for good, but as you found out, it's more sensitive.  :P

--- Quote ---Lunch- grilled chicken and zucchini.  I had the worst indigestion and yucky indigestion burps after this meal.  My digestion had been so good the last few days!
--- End quote ---
Wow...yeah, dh was one of my worst. Same meats and veggies that were fine boiled or cooked soft and meats chopped fine, were terrible fried, roasted, or crisp steam. It's amazing the difference in cooking methods can make for digestion. And a person can almost forget what good digestion feels like. Dh had issues the other day after some food away from home and we were talking about how he used to have sinus congestion and horrible gas EVERY DAY and he never really thought twice about it.

I so hear you on wishing money grew on trees!  We also WANTED to do the supplements. We wanted to be able to follow GAPS better with lamb, fish, more variety in vegetables and the supplements... but  :P it wasn't possible. Dh did several months while we did a phase one diet (similar to Maker's Diet) because he's the wage earner and needed to feel better. This was before we "found"  GAPS. It helped, but nothing like GAPS did. Would GAPS at the beginning have done as well? I don't know. I do think intro went so smoothly because we had a ton of detox and maybe a little healing because of getting, as you say- dissacharide free.
Our ship never came in to this day :D, and I would describe us as "practically" well. We still have a few food intolerances (oats and peanuts) as well as reactions to non-food items such as soy isolates, additives, preservatives. Even our recent reintroduction of wheat is going very, very well, and even a little cow's milk on occasion without issue. Even in the form of store bought ice cream.  :o
We even eat small amounts of ketchup now, much to my boys' delight.  ;D I make it, but found an organic, cornsyrup free one recently that I could buy in a pinch.
I want to offer you HOPE. YOU can get well. I know you are asking God for wisdom. Bask in that hope and confidence. Part of healing is in the mind and the good hormones that are triggered from a resting from stress and worry. Not spoken as an achiever, but it's my goal.  :-*

So if anyone made it to the end of this...blessings to you and yours.  :)


--- Quote ---Made kraut today and it was ridiculously easy.  Can't believe it took me this long.  Shredded the cabbage in the food proccessor and it with salt in a bowl.  Kneaded it till enough juice developed then put it in a half gallon jar and put a whole cabbage leaf over top and put the lid on.  It's sitting in a cupboard right now and should be ready in 3-7 days depending on who you ask  Wink.  I used this recipe from a GAPS blog but just did plain, but the curry kraut sounds yummy, too!  Can't wait to try it!

--- End quote ---
I had run out and made some more on Monday. It is easy.  ;D Roll call... who has made their kraut?


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